New Grinding Machine Utilizes Unique Kinematics

Modern Machine Shop - February 2021

EPS with Sinumerik 840D CNC from Siemens provides state of the art adaptive grinding process control. EPS SingleTool for low mix, high volume applications and EPS MultiTool for high mix, low volume applications. I hope you find it interesting. Click here to view the article. 

Compact, fast precision system

Today's Medical Developments - August 2020

Here’s an update on our EPS technology as shown in Today’s Medical Developments. I hope you find it interesting. Click here to view the article.

Eccentric Positioning System™ from Coventry Associates Driven by Sinumerik CNC from Siemens

ThomasNet - December 2019

Partnership with Siemens results in breakthrough ultra-high precision robotic machine tool positions an object anywhere in a 215 mm circle with accuracy, speed and controlled force. Click here to view the article.