EPS MultiTool

Coventry’s next generation product is the EPS MultiTool™ which combines the operations of several machine tools into a single system.  The workpiece and dresser are mounted on the EPS.  Several spindles can be arranged about the workhead.  This allows the controller to present the workpiece to each spindle in sequence with high accuracy, repeatability and speed.  Only one load/unload cycle per workpiece is required.

Many implementations of the EPS Multitool are possible. In this example, a linear slide is used to move in sequence each of three spindles in proximity to the EPS. The EPS dresses each wheel to the desired contour, and performs the grinding operation. The number of spindles is limited only by the size of the linear slide. Also, any tool, for example, a hard turning tool, can be added to the slide

The EPS MultiTool stacks up well against the three individual systems needed to do the same job in the previous example

EPS MultiTool

ID Grinder, OD grinder, Rib grinder

Shortest time cycle

One load/unload cycle per part

Smallest footprint

Highest reliability

Lowest labor cost

Smallest energy consumption

Greatest flexibilty

Capital cost

Operating cost